You might create the list during the week and ask your spouse to stop at the store on their way home to buy what is on the list. You would want to "Share" it with your spouse so they will be able to see the same list. Another reason you would "Share" a list is when you are hosting a party with a friend. You both can see the list, edit it and save it! A third reason could be if you are going on a camping trip or beach getaway with another family. The planners for the trip can access the same list at any time! We think that is pretty cool!

No, no one can see your lists unless you have "Shared" them with somebody else and they can only see the "Shared" list.

It's easy to share your list with another user on Path Me Food. If you want to share a list with your spouse, child or whomever, the other person will also have to create a login on Path Me Food. When you click the "Share" button, you will be able to type in the other user's email address. The user will be notified by email that you have shared a list with them. Now they can also see the same list on their Dashboard page, edit it and save it.

Our wish at Path Me Food is to not be an obnoxious site!! Please set up your User Preferences so we will not get on anybody's nerves!

Our thought at Path Me Food is that most people buy alot of the same items weekly or every two weeks, so you can create a "Weekly List", save it, edit it and reuse it as necessary. But you also might have a special occasion coming up like an outdoor bar-b-q, a birthday party or tailgating party in which you will be buying items you don't normally buy. So you can create and save a new list with those items and reuse this list when you are throwing another bar-b-q party. A Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner list would be great occasions for a separate list. The idea is that you won't have to make a new list every time!

This is where you can set up ALL the things you would ever possibly buy. It will help you when creating regular lists because you will be able to choose items from your Master List without having to type each item out every time you create a new list or edit one of your existing lists.

Once you create a login, you will probably be going to your Dashboard page most of the time. This is where you can either create a regular list and save it or you can set up your Master List. You should probably set up a Master List because this will save you time in creating regular lists. Creating, editing and saving lists are pretty easy. You will get the hang of it after trying it out. Be sure to set up your User Preferences!

Path Me Food is a website where a user can create a list, save a list, reuse a list and share a list with another user. We will be adding store price comparisons and store pathing in your favorite store.